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Welcome to Pettybulls French Bulldogs

We have been breeding Frenchies for over fifteen years and are so pleased to share our love of Frenchies with you. We are partial to our pieds and black masked reds and fawns, as you will see, but we love them all.

Our Scrapbook and Kids & Dog sections are packed full of adorable pictures of Pettybull born and raised Frenchies. Go see our EV Luvin', she is a BUSY Retiree! AND to see the smartest, most titled Frenchie here!

For a few Holiday Related here!

We also promised Kathy a plug for her website design

This philosophical looking chap is a very literate Pettybull boy his name is Hamlet, of course, and his proud owners are Joe and Lane Miller. The artist is Alexis Trice and her site is