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A Bit About Cheryl, Perry

We have been breeding and loving French Bulldogs for over 15 years and loving every minute of it! I will tell you more about the history of Pettybulls on the next page, but if you cannot here.

We prefer the more unusual colors our red pieds, red fawns, fawn pieds and brindle pieds. Of course, we DO have a few adorable creams and a darling brindle or two around here, just to make sure no one's feelings are hurt, but pieds are our passion.

My husband, Perry, and I now have nine grandchildren living within five minutes of us, so much of our spare time is spent doing grandma and grandpa stuff, and we would not have it any other way! So, we do not make it to dog shows anymore...or anything else that does not revolve around the grandkids!

We are striving to breed the happiest, healthiest French Bulldogs we can and have a wonderful relationship with our veterinarians at Shelley Drive Animal Clinic in Tyler. Together, we are working to ensure YOUR Pettybull puppy is healthy and sound.

Of course we welcome you to come visit and pick up your Pettybull puppy, but we realize that is not always possible. We are happy to ship your puppy when the weather permits.