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To be..or not to be...a

We have all met those people who seem to get busier when they retire, we do believe EZ Luvin' is one of those FRenchies who does not know the meaning of are a couple of updates from her forever Mom, Stacy Kitchen.

"I just thought I would send you a few pictures of EZ Luvin and my Maillette at the Yardley Library. EZ Luvin was seen at the Doylestown library by a woman who reads books to children at bookstores.

"She contacted my club and asked if EZ and Maillette would attend a reading of the book Alfred's Nose.

"The book's description is:

Everyone loves Alfred—with his silly, round face and his big, wet, sloppy kisses. Everyone except Alfred. Alfred especially doesn't like his nose. It's just not a true dog nose. Maybe a costume could give him a new look. Or perhaps a mask. Can Alfred really find the perfect nose? Vivienne Flesher's winsome story and humorous photographs capture the sometimes bumpy road it takes to realize one's true self.

"As you can see by the pictures EZ was a HUGE hit.  Especially since she has a close resemblance to Alfred with her tongue.

"There were about 42 children who attended the reading and EZ may just be in the local paper (for the second time)."

AND more from Stacy....

"EZ Luvin just passed her CGC test tonite!  She was great!  I am SO proud of her.  I cried .....  

"We worked extra hard the last few months and she was ACES!  She was exact with every exercise and LOVED being out the on the mats working.

"My club has three testing nights and EZ was the second in line to test tonite. She could not wait to go into the room and start!"

Click on the link, Word Doc, for one of Luvin's appearances in her local newspaper.Download Luvin'