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 Pettybull Frenchie FAQs

Frenchies are not for everyone and we urge you to consider your lifestyle before deciding on a Frenchie. French Bulldogs do not do well in the heat and are not built for long run and they do NOT all. Most are usually good with kids, but not all are. It depends on the individual dog and the child.

CLICK HERE for health Info, courtesy Jackpot! French Bulldogs.

In the late 1800s, English Bulldogs were often bred in a Toy variety and many were not over ten pounds! They had a variety of earsets - rose, bat and prick. Lace workers immigrated to France, taking the little bulldogs with them, where they crossed the dogs with Pugs, terriers and more, creating the early French Bulldog. Frenchies became the darlings of society, and of Parisian prostitutes. Many were exported to the United States, and a French Bulldog was sadly lost on the Titanic.


Frenchies can be very "stubborn" when it comes to housebreaking. It will take patience, perseverance, attention and lots of paper towels, but they DO "get it."

Start house breaking IMMEDIATELY! Get your puppy on a regular feeding schedule and plenty of trips outside. Upon waking, right after eating and anytime you get home take your puppy outside or to it's paper.

Accidents WILL happen. If you catch your puppy in the MIDDLE of the act, rush him outside (or to his paper). It does NO good to rub his nose in it. Do not yell at him when you discover a mess, he will not understand why you are angry.

Odds n' Ends of Info

Try to use tone of voice for corrections. If you ever (heaven forbid!) strike or swat your Frenchie, it can make him "hand shy". They are sensitive dogs that respond well to verbal corrections. Trust me, Frenchies will "bull up" when they are put out with you and they will let you know it!

Never, ever, ever leave your Frenchie in the car unattended. With even cracked windows a Frenchie can overheat very quickly. Please, do not take the chance!

I Want A Frenchie TODAY

• Why a Frenchie? They are great companions, cuddlers and entertainers. They are NOT good barn dogs, exercise/running partners or guard dogs.

• I want one NOW! Frenchies are a slightly more unusual breed and you may possibly wait a long time if you have your heart set on a certain age/color/sex. Be prepared to be patient.

• I saw a Frenchie from Russia/the Ukraine/Hungary in the paper, what about them? Of course, we cannot lump all dogs from one country together under one umbrella of shame, but the USA has been flooded with poor quality puppies from other countries, and it is a very disturbing situation. As a rule, these puppies are shipped over here at a VERY young age, sorted out to the various "brokers" throughout the country and sold. They are marketed as "more healthy, natural, free breeders, papers available," these are sales oriented phrases and not relevant. These poor little dogs are NOT the same Frenchies that we have here in the USA. Our American Frenchies are usually MUCH softer and sweeter in temperament, smaller in size and, as a rule, easier to live with. Rescue has been flooded with Russian Frenchies - almost always due to health, aggression and temperament issues. These unfortunate dogs are often sold through pet stores (another deplorable situation). This situation is very upsetting to most breeders that have the best interest of the French Bulldog at heart. I do not wish to disparage reputable breeders in Russia, but this is about the brokers importing and selling these puppies. This information is MY opinion from personal experience WITH these dogs and from what I have learned as a supporter of FBRN - French Bulldog Rescue Network. Click here for more info on the FACTS about buying an import.

• What can I expect to pay? Pet Frenchie puppies will range in price from $2500 or so on up and that can be WAY UP - depending on sex, color, availability, part of the country, etc.

• What about newspaper and Internet classifieds ads? I would advise you to look for a few "red flags." Does the breeder have several breeds of dogs available? Does the breeder have all colors/ages/sexes available? Does the breeder seem too commercial? On a positive note, does the breeder seem interested in the BREED as a whole? Do they show, have they shown, or are their dogs shown at AKC shows? You can possibly find a good puppy through classifieds, but we urge you to do your homework and be vigilant.

• I want a Frenchie from a GOOD breeder, tell me what to do! Call/email/contact breeders that have been referred to you by your vet or other responsible Frenchie owners. Visit with them and see if you agree with their philosophy and if you like their dogs.

Please, do NOT send a one line email, such as "How much are your puppies?" This is NOT going to get a positive response from most breeders! Tell the breeder about yourself, your home, your situation (kids, other pets, etc.) and ask a few well thought out questions. If you do not hear from the breeder within a couple of days, try again. Most people in today's world are BUSY, and breeders will appreciate the follow up! Establish a rapport with the breeder and ask to be put on their waiting list. Keep in touch with the breeder and hopefully you will find your perfect Frenchie.

This is a very simple bit of advice on how to find a breeder, but I will stress that YOU should take the initiative on keeping in touch with them.

Here at Pettybulls, we require all companion pets be sold with a spay/neuter contract. Very rarely we will sell a Frenchie as show potential, and we can discuss that on an individual basis. Also, we do NOT sell any Frenchies as "breeding stock."

Our goal is for the right puppy to go to the right person at the right time.

Our thanks to Kathy Dannel Vitcak of Jackpot! French Bulldogs for sharing this page with us. It was adapted to fit this website.