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Of course, we must brag a bit about Pugsley's Choice...he is a SpokesFrenchie for his own line of fabulous shampoos, Frenchie care items and more! Maggie and Clyde have recently joined the family from Pettybull.

Here is a quick rundown on our links...

Jackpot! is our dear friend, Kathy Dannel Vitcak, who got her start with Pettybull's French Bulldogs as the backbone of her pedigree. She and her husband own a charming resort in Minnesota...brrr! I have never been and may not...all that snow makes me shiver.

Michele Copen, a gifted photographer and Frenchie Mom, created the most amazing coffee table book,
A French Bulldog For Every Season, of wonderfully gorgeous pictures of Frenchies in a variety of locations. A MUST HAVE!

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