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LuLu's Adventures...

This article first appeared in The French Bulldog International Annual. published by Kathy Dannel Vitcak. Reprinted with permission

Q: Who was the first Frenchie you ever saw?

Actually, the first Frenchie I ever saw was in a book. I never really saw one “in person” until Lulu arrived.

Q: What made you want a French Bulldog?

When I finally decided that I absolutely needed to have a companion in my life, I decided that it should be dog! I began to do research...which breed suited my living space? My lifestyle? My personality? My savings account? I also wanted a breed that was not too popular, I didn’t want to be out in the park and see my little dog everywhere! The books and web sites that I consulted provided me with the answers to my questions and the answer was a FRENCHIE!

Q - How did you find Lulu?

I did research through the AKC web site and they were able to provide me with the names of various French Bulldog breeders. I then sent an e-mail to those listed, asking if they had any expectant moms or puppies that were for sale. I explained that I was seeking a Frenchie that I would not be interested in showing, he or she would be my companion and confidant! Cheryl Petty from Pettybulls answered my e-mail, providing me with photos of her newborn pups and I fell in love with Lulu.

Q - Tell us about when you first got old she was...all the juicy details!

I knew that Lulu was going to be my daughter and Cheryl provided me with a weekly “electronic” photo, so I was able to watch her growth progress. Being a new mom, I was nervous about Lulu's arrival. What do I feed her? How often? Where does she sleep? How often does she sleep? Does she howl? Does she bark? Does she snort? Does she grunt? Does she chew on everything she can get her teeth on? Does she need to be registered for nursery school? Are her ears pierced? Is she wearing designer baby clothes? When Lulu was twelve weeks old, Cheryl arranged for her vet (who happened to be coming to the Bay Area on business) to bring Lulu on the flight with him. I was a nervous wreck on the day of her arrival.

Pettybull’s Lulu has certainly led the life of adventure after leaving the calm countryside of Bullard, Texas! From the Dalia Lama (wow!), “Piano Man” Billy Joel (above) to “Rock Royalty” Sir Elton John to Bob Weir (Grateful Dead guitarist), she has charmed everyone she meets!