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Pettybull Frenchies in the Spotlight!

Here we have Grumpus with his dad, Patton Oswalt, who stars as “Spence” on the television show, King Of Queens. He is also hanging with one of HIS Entourage, Jeremy Pivens.

Over the last few years we have become friends with the owner and founder of Pugsley's Choice pet care products, Christine Heathman. Her love for her Frenchies, and all animals overflows. We are so proud she has two Pettybulls kids. Plus, Christine gifted her mom, sister, son and best friend with Frenchies of their own. THAT is the gift that keeps on giving!

How many pictures of the Dalai Lama and a French Bulldog have you ever seen? Our little Lulu travels the world with her mom, Shelley Lazar, and has met...just about EVERYBODY. For more on Lulu's adventures click here or on the photo below and enjoy.

Michele Copen's book, A French Bulldog For Every Season is a media event that we adore...Pettybull pups are sprinkled it now.

Below is TESSA and she has more titles than you can imagine. Click here to read all about this little dynamo AND her family of overachievers. Their dog-mom, Dr. Kathy Carlson, is one amazing person! She makes me tired just reading about all she does.

Pettybulls pups are also featured throughout Kathy's book!

Here is Francesca and her mom, Martha Stewart. Francesca's dad is our own CH. Jackpot! EZ Keeper Pettybull.

Some of the dearest friends we have made over the years have been through French Bulldogs...people we would never have met otherwise. Thank you to everyone who has graced our lives via these flat faced friends!

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