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Pettybull Past

Pettybulls dates back to 1972 when my husband, Perry, and I brought home a little white bulldog, who we named "Sugar." We paid $100 for her, a huge sum for a young couple in the 70’s. We knew little about Bulldogs except that they were LOVABLE, LOYAL, and LOOKED ferocious. Sugar was all of that and then some! She was the best friend and playmate our 2-year-old son, Ben, could have ever had.

As our family grew (and grew), Bulldogs continued to be an important part of lives. Then about fifteen years ago, we discovered FRENCH Bulldogs and we were hooked. At first those big ears were a bit unsettling because I was so used to the nice, tidy ears of the Bulldogs (like on Cato to the right), but it did not take long before I was a Bat Ear Lover.

Unfortunately, I was never able to attend many dog shows. Family obligations and a chronic health issue keep me closer to home, and I admit, after years of traveling all over the world as missionaries, my husband and I are content to stay VERY close to home now. We do have champions and support the concept of the sport of showing dogs, but it does not fit into our lifestyle.

Our first Champion was CH. Tea-D's Fran de Petty (right above) and we were proud to have sold her brother, CH. Tea-D's Joker's Wild Jackpot! (right with handler Luis Lopez) to Kathy Dannel Vitcak of Jackpot! French Bulldogs. They were GREAT Frenchie beginnings for Kathy and me. We had a lot of fun with this brother and sister duo.

Our Tea-D's MsBehaven Mavis was the foundation for many of today's well known French Bulldog lines and you will see her in many pedigrees.

Also, our CH. Petty's Thief Of My Heart has sired Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show and multiple Group Winning Frenchies. He lives at Encore French Bulldogs now, and we are so very proud of him! (Pictured to the right)

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