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Our girls are our pride and joy! As you can tell, they believe in taking life easy and enjoying the sunshine. We feel that our girls have the most gorgeous faces and reflect the love we have for them.

For one busy retiree's life, EZ Luvin', click here!

For some shots of our girls that are living the retired life click here.

Above is Pettybull's Starlet (red pied), the cream princess is Pettybull's Honey Comb, the queen of clean with the scrub brush is Pettybull's Blaise of Glory. Next is Pettybull's Red Riding Hood (Red) and the darling brindle girl is Pettybull's Smoochie Moochie (Mooch). Pettybull's Life's A Party (Parti) our brindle pied girl, is sitting in the middle and the big picture to the left is Pettybulls Goddess of Love (Venus).