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Tessa Rocks!

"Tessa" otherwise known as "the queen" is the original Frenchie in the pack and undisputed leader, even as a veteran.

Her full name and titles are: Int'l/Am.CH. The Trouble With Tessa UDX, RE, MX, AXJ, therapy dog. She is a conformation champion, she has 4 titles in obedience, 3 titles in rally, and 7 titles in agility.

The UDX obedience title she just finished makes her the third Frenchie in the history of the world (AKC) to ever achieve that title and the first conformation champion to do so.

She has 18 AKC titles in all. Obedience:   CD=Companion Dog, CDX=Companion Dox Excellent, UD=Utility Dog, UDX=Utility Dog Excellent
Rally: RN=Rally Novice, RA=Rally Advanced, RE=Rally Excellent, RAE=Rally Advanced Excellent
Agility: NA=Novice Agility, OA=Open Agility, AX=Excellent Agility, MX=Masters Agility
           NAJ=Novice Agility Jumpers, OAJ=Open Agility Jumpers, AXJ=Excellent Agility Jumpers, MXJ=Masters Jumpers, NJP=Novice 
           Jumpers Preferred
The AKC specifies that when listing titles after a dogs name, you just list the highest title achieved by that dog in that sport, not every one -- that is why they are listed like that. The photo of the flying Frenchie (below)and the one of the obedience sit (right) are Tessa.

All my dogs also have a CGC=Canine Good Citizen
All my dogs currently have a CD, RN, and NAJ, although most have a few more titles than that -- I think that is pretty good for the whole family.
Here are the titles of everyone else in case you need that too, while I am writing and thinking about it:
Opal    Tessa's EZGoing Opal, UD, RE, MX, MXJ, therapy dog
Josey    CH And Josey Makes Three, CDX, RE, OAP, MJP   therapy dog   (the "P" is because Jo runs in a class of agility
                         that allows more time and lower jump heights)
Gena    Gena Is Worth The Trouble, CD, RE, OA, AXJ   therapy dog
Alice   What About Alice?   CD, RN, NAJ

Opal is Tessa's daughter sired by Int'l, Mex. Am CH. Jackpot! EZ Come...EZ Go... She takes care of all the licking that needs to be done and is a real hit when we go to the prison with the therapy dogs, as she gives hugs and Frenchie kisses to all there. (See above) Her full handle is: Tessa's EZGoing Opal, CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, therapy dog. She has one agility title that Tessa is still working on, but 2 less obedience titles. Not bad for a mother/daughter combo.

Josey is in the photo of the "RN's". She is otherwise known as "SloJo", but actually does quite well in agility. Her full name is: CH And Josey Makes Three, CD, RE, OJP, therapy dog. The photo of the RN's was taken when the girls got their first rally title. Kathy showed all three of them in the same class for 3 consecutive days and they all earned their titles that weekend. WOW! What a hectic weekend that must have been!

The fourth member of the group is Gena: Gena is Worth the Trouble, CD, therapy dog. Dr. Carlson is so infatuated with blondes, she even had to have a blonde horse!